Hazelnut products


Produced in Italy, our hazelnut line ranges from the roasted hazelnuts to the hazelnut pastes and fillings. Excellent source of vitamin E and antioxidants, hazelnuts are a “healthy”, tasty and palatable ingredient, mainly but not only, for many different desserts applications.

Roasted hazelnut | Our hazelnuts are mostly from Campania, but we can provide the best hazelnuts available on the market also from other places. The hazelnuts are selected very carefully with our laser sorter and by hands in order to offer the best quality.

Hazelnut paste | Suitable for the production of spreads, wafers and biscuits creams filling, cakes, ice-creams, and many other products. Over the years, we reached a high degree of specialization in its production.

We can offer many qualities of hazelnut paste – different for used hazelnuts, roasting degree, color, and so on – accordingly to our clients’ requirements and specifications.

The hazelnut paste is also available in the organic version.

Hazelnut praline paste | Blended with the 50% of sugar, our praline hazelnut paste is an ideal ingredient for chocolates, ice-creams, and pastry products.
Our standard quality is made of 50% sugar and 50% hazelnut. We could also personalize this product in order to comply with our clients’ exigencies, modifying the hazelnut-sugar proportion.
The hazelnut praline paste is also available in the organic version.

Hazelnut cream | Is the result of a soft and fragrant blend of the flavor of cocoa and the taste of hazelnut. Delicious and nutritious. The cream is available in various proportion of hazelnut, and in the organic version as well.